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Customer specific and two way systems



IRIS stands for "Industry Resource Internet Supervision"
It offers in the field of data communication, measurement, regulation and control a range of capabilities integrated into one system.
With a choice of standard 70 different frequencies and a range of up to ~500 m is IRIS the alternative for remote controls which fail in this area.
For an even greater distance, each IRIS module can be used as repeater to extend the distance.

The delivery program of IRIS comprises standard available modules such as:

     ■ 1- to 4- channels, possible up to four relay outputs, 6 inputs, analog input and output and an RS232 interface
     ■ 1- to 8- kanaals, possible up to 8 relay outputs, 8 inputs and expandability
     ■ Two-way (bi-directional) transmitters with active feedback.
     ■ IRIS-RS232 modems
     ■ IRIS-RS485 modems
     ■ All Modules can be combined!

Beside below standard products, we can according to IRIS also produce special versions for a specific purpose.
Think for example of analog systems with real-time monitoring, remote monitoring statuses (eg used in cranes to monitor faults and wear), etc.

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.

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IRIS stationair 1 t/m 4-channel

This is a standard deliverable version with the following features:

     ■ up to 4 potential free switched relay outputs with changeover contact
     ■ up to 6 voltage (24VDC max) and / or potential free switched inputs
     ■ 1x RS232 interface
     ■ 1x analog input (0-10VDC) and 1x analog output (0-10VDC)

The outputs and inputs can be coupled to various functions, such as latch, toggle, and timer functions.
Completely mounted in an impact-resistant splashproof ABS enclosure with an external antenna connector.
Can also be combined as a repeater function.

Power supply 7-30VAC/DC or 230VAC
Size enclosure 120x120x55 mm, splashproof



IRIS stationair 1 t/m 8-channel

The 1- 8 channel version has standard until 8 relay outputs and 8 inputs.
An EMERGENCY STOP relay is also available.
Through the use of a microcontroller, it is possible to extend the 8-channel version with modules to virtually all conceivable applications.
For example, an expansion to more relays, RS232 interfaces, additional inputs and outputs etc.
Combination with ALL components of the IRIS series is possible.
By default, this version comes in an ABS enclosure with splashproof sealing and external antenna connection.

Outputs: standard until 8 relays (expandable) en 1 Emergency relay.
Inputs: standard until 8 (expandable), switched to ground via a relay and/or NPN open collector control or via an external DC voltage.
I/O: Configurable to customer specifications such as additional relays and/or other types of connections.

Power supply 7 to 30 VAC/DC or 230VAC.
Size enclosure 200x150x78mm, splashproof


IRIS-RS232 en IRIS-RS485

IRIS-RS232/RS485 is a radio modem for average data traffic.
This modem can be used in combination with ALL the components of the IRIS series.
Power supply is via a 230VAC/12VDC power adapter.

Downloadflyer IRIS-RS-232 English
Downloadflyer IRIS-RS232 German
Downloadflyer IRIS-RS485 English
Downloadflyer IRIS-RS485 German



The IRIS system has been further developed so that it has become possible to provide specific and customized solutions in the area of (two-way) control with both hand and stationary operations.

Below is only a small selection of the possibilities. The fantasy is basically the limit.

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.

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Example of a transmitter for a Welding robot.
The transmitter is provided with several pushbutton switches and 2 analog joysticks.

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.


Example of operation of a siren on a golf course.
This can be given a signal for different situations.
For example, due to a storm a certain cycle can be started to temporarily or finally stop the game.
With key switch to prevent unauthorized use

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.


On request, we can provide fully build switchboards according provided specifications.

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.



Example of speed control of a motor.
The motor is controlled via an analog output on the receiver.
Through a feedback (analog input on the receiver), the actual speed can be can be seen in percentage on the transmitter.

Downloadthe (Dutch) pdf file with examples for inspiration and/or ideas.




For IRIS are several standard antennas available.
Antennas are supplied with a mounting bracket and 5-meter coaxial cable.
10 meter coax cable is also possible on request.

Itemnumbers 433MHz antennas



Antenna for the stationary transmitter and / or receiver, including BNC plug


Short antenna for direct mounting on the transmitters and receivers

Length ~60cm including mounting bracket
Length short antenna ~9cm

A good antenna is required to get the optimal range .
The CXL70-1/h antenna is such an antenna.
With this antenna a distances up to 500 meters (or more) can be achieved if correctly installed.

The antenna is supplied with 5 meter coaxial cable, adapters and a piece of pipe for installation.